Volunteer-Mentoring Program Begins for Florida Aquaculture Foundation

Published November 4, 2015

A goal of Florida Aquaculture Foundation is to help disadvantaged individuals out of poverty, advancing them into economic empowerment.  “We believe that adult literacy…being able to speak and understand English…is a first step toward getting a better job,” according to Teri Pinney, executive director.  Through their new resale store, Blue Cypress Treasures, the foundation has created a volunteer-mentoring program, where individuals receive the guidance they need.

Pinney launched a volunteer campaign and participant drive through grassroots efforts that involved social media and speaking before social groups.  The first volunteer and participant of this program met in November.  “I am excited about this.  We’ve been planning on this for a while and thank Clifford Morris of Florida Organic Aquaculture for donating the store and meeting space at the Blue Cypress Treasures.”

Individuals interested in volunteering or participating in the program may call (772) 925-8187.


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