Workforce Solutions Partnership

Published June 19, 2013


Workforce Solutions is excited to be partnering with Florida Aquaculture Foundation to be a robust addition in assisting with job placement, training and skill development. We serve the Migrant Seasonal Farmworker population and this presents an outstanding opportunity for many of them to increase skills and wages, which will have an positive ancillary outcome for the region economically. We are prepared to support the organization with On The Job training grants as we identify skill gaps and training opportunities. As the business and foundation grow, we look to see the increase in enrollments in college programs designed to prepare students for what has the potential for high wage, in demand jobs. Workforce Solutions will be looking for opportunities to fund some of that classroom training, as well. We are certain that Florida Aquaculture Foundation will have a positive impact on job growth and economic development for not just Fellsmere, but our region as a whole.

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