agThe study of agriculture is an all-encompassing endeavor that includes aquaculture, where marine and freshwater aquatic plants and animals are cultivated under controlled conditions.   Shrimp is cultivated using an enclosed system of water that is oxygenated.  Production is controlled and maintained despite inclement weather conditions.  This system also helps in the protection of the environment.

Agriculture scientists constantly look for means of achieving environmentally and economically sustainable production.  Water efficient technologies have been developed to protect marine life and water resources.  The United States Department of Agriculture reports that aquaculture research and technology has improved America’s international competitiveness and sustainability, reducing the dependency on imported seafood and threatened ocean fisheries.

Farm-raised aquatic products are the fastest growing sector in world food production (Florida Department of Agriculture).  Aquaculture plays a vital role in supplementing wild seafood harvests and meeting the dietary needs of a world population that has become increasingly conscience of healthy diets.  Florida Aquaculture Foundation supports the initiative to promote the study of agriculture and aquaculture in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.  We are working on the development of hands-on study through internship programs that lead toward certification in the study of aquaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, and agriculture.  Our role is to inspire youth to pursue careers in agriculture and aquaculture.