Hydroponics_2Today, hydroponics is being hailed as an innovative plant growing technique.  Ever since ancient history, however, many civilizations used this method.  Egyptian hieroglyphics displayed hanging plants.  Babylon had its hanging gardens, along with documentation of floating gardens in the Aztec civilization and in China.

What is hydroponics?  It is the ability to grow plants, using mineral nutrients, in water and without soil.  The process results in higher yields of plants and plant food, a viable option for certain parts of the world that cannot support crops in soil.  Another advantage of hydroponics is the elimination of pesticide use, because most pests live in the ground.  This practice makes food cleaner.

Florida Aquaculture Foundation supports these ideals of helping end world hunger and of keeping our environment clean.  We also encourage the study of hydroponics, as more people today are starting to grow their own system of fresh food supply for their families and friends.  In addition, we believe in advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in our schools and promote the use of hydroponics for classrooms projects.